Clarion County Independent Living (IL) provides assistance, guidance, and supports to youth between the ages of 14 to 22 years old who qualify for the program. Our goal is to help each youth achieve their own successes and meet their own goals.

The needs of our IL Youth are being accessed on a regular basis to assure that they get the resources, help, and guidance they need. Youth develop and actively update their own personal IL goal plan and actively participate in IL Meetings and Groups. Check out some of our program efforts below!

  • Linking youth to and interacting with community agencies, organizations, professionals, role-models, volunteers, etc. to increase youth knowledge of community resources and develop good working relationships.
  • High School, post-secondary, vocational training planning and supports. Including (but not limited to) graduation preparation, school and training searches, educational applications processes, educational tours, etc.

  • Driver’s supports for things such as a Driver’s Permit, a Driver’s License, Vehicle Purchase, Inspections, Registrations, Repairs and Insurance, etc.

  • Housing supports such as locating resources, applications assistance, housing searches, deposits and rental payments, re-locating, transitional housing, etc.

  • Experience and practice with life skills such as cooking, cleaning, sewing, using technology, basic household repairs, etc.

  • Outreach to provide youth with hands on experiences and skill building.

  • Building safe, healthy, and supportive relationships and socialization.

  • Guidance and supports with financial matters such as budgeting, banking, spending, saving, etc.

  • Employment supports such as job seeking, preparation, skill building, interviewing, dressing for the job, etc.